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Since as long as I can remember, I have experienced the world through extrasensory perceptions. Titles, credits, studies, and the like, while they certainly may have shaped and contribute to my being, do not define or confine my ever expanding understanding of the universe and the extraordinary limitlessness of potential. I am the master of my own work which comes from a myriad of experience, mentors and most importantly, my own knowing. This work is me. I did not set out to 'become', it has been there innately awaiting my acknowledgement and knowing on how to share my knowledge and create experiences with you. SEER. PSYCHIC. SAGE. I have been called and referred to as many things and I simply say, I am one in these, and all these in one.

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My Story


Since a small child, I always knew I had abilities to see and feel people, experiencing life a little differently from how others seemed to.  In 2010 I decided I could no longer deny what called me since birth and set out on a two year journey of a much deeper self exploration. In 2012 I launched my second business and started reading for people all over the US. In 2016 I launched Eventures and my readings have expanded globally. 


My Way


My readings sessions and events are for expanded view, meaning, what are you not seeing?  What is in your way? What is most probable given your expansion on how you view your situation?  I view myself as an Anamorphic Catalyst, (something that alters the view) therefore, I help you look through a new lens in which to effectively move though and navigate uncertainty through challenging times.  I offer years of experience working as an Anamorphic Catalyst.  My work with you focuses on expanding your view on a given life situation. Readings/Sessions are thought-provoking as they are accompanied by specific evident references and information shared through laughter and love as it flows through each of my senses. Yes, I see, hear, feel, taste, smell and know things about you, your closest, and departed loved ones. I read energy,therefore, it's all accessible to me. Each clients's experience is as unique as my methodology and modalities that emerge as a result of years of experiences, together with innate sense of knowing. While I may use my charms, cards and different oracle and healing tools, I most often channel information directly and purely.  



As an intuitive visionary, known for my innate sense of people and their business, I have been called the catalyst for change, helping people get a good sense of who they truly are their core, discovering passion and purpose.

I have traveled and worked throughout the country, working with people and their business, inspiring people to connect and live passionately.  I have helped businesses, not only in planning and executing engaging events and meetings, but in acquisitions, expansions, real estate site selection, human capital allocation and business development strategy. A results oriented, strategic planner, I've organized and logistically arranged business meetings, trade shows, large venue special events, social/holiday parties, high profile visits, press meetings, associated activities and functions on and off-site throughout the US and abroad.  I am experienced at conceptualizing unique experiences for all types of events over twenty years, having worked with top corporations and private businesses.  

Therèsa Said

"In life, we are often haunted by the shades of our personality, conflicted, staying within the safety of conformity versus, braving the deeper, darker unknown. Dare we visit the depths of our being, calling on our soul’s experience, the darker more daring shades that exhilarate life? Join Me for sessions and events that mine the art of human experience. Artistry, self-exploration through the senses. Discover your inner sensualist. 
Navigate your inner being."

-Therèsa Fernand™

“Aside from making predictions, I help people, and many couples, see their life and the possibilities in front of them,” 
Ms. Fernand said.

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