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Have you ever considered an Anamorphic Catalyst?

A psychic.  An intuitive guide to partner with you an important business deals to ferret out possible obstacles along the way.  Yes, I have been hired to do just that.


Would it surprise you to know that yes, even billionaires have consulted a good intuitive adviser?  Need help gauging the climate of an upcoming investment deal, get a feel for partners, acquisitions and site locations.  Expansions, staff overhaul and new business development.


Having spent twenty-five years in the traditional business world, I have offered traditional support to C-Level Execs advising and supporting a myriad of roles and responsibilities.


References Provided Upon Request. 

Accelerate you businesses success:

Consultation Services

Let me help your business improve in  performance and make necessary changes to achieve success.

Long-term strategic partnership

I work with companies long term to overcome ongoing challenges, increase revenue and growth.