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Let Me Entertain You

What does your event say about YOU?  A theme is just decor unless its a vision brought to life.  That's the magic of Eventures Divine producing highly experiential opportunities for your guests to learn about YOU.  

Affordable Elegance

Eventures Divine approach is providing clients with new ways of entertaining, utilizing budgets on total experience versus traditional event planning ideals.

Guests Unforgettable Memories

Here our artist is posing as Da Vinci, capturing guests in charcoal.  Adding interactive activities, incorporates YOU into your event experience.   

Magic, Intrigue, Mystery

Another life event.  Another wedding.  Another fundraiser.  Dare to do something different!  Call us to discuss your next event.  We are your creative concierge, the production purveyors!  


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"Opportunities for participation are important.  We’ve all been guests at a wedding where we are somewhat “on the periphery” – not a member of the family, and perhaps seated at a table with people we’ve never previously met.  Having a “guest teacher” who engages each and every guest – perhaps on the different qualities of various bourbons, or how to play a winning hand of poker – can open people up, and inspire them to make new friends."

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