Though primarily based out of Westchester NY, serving the Tri-State Area, Theresa also resides part time in Kissimee, Florida serving the Central FL areas.

Since a small child, Therèsa Fernand always knew she had abilities to see and feel people, experiencing life a little differently from how others seemed to.  An evidential Psychic Medium and claircognizant channel, she is known for her magical "charms".  She brings with her years of experience working as an empathic intuitive, coaching people and their businesses. An Anamorphic Catalyst, she works with you, expanding your view on a given life situation. Her readings are thought-provoking as they are accompanied by specific evidential reference. A gifted since birth channel and medium, she relays information through laughter and love as it flows through each of her senses. She sees, hears, feels, tastes, smells and knows things about you, your closest, and departed loved ones. Each clients's experience is unique as she has different methodology and modalities that emerge as a result of years of experiences, together with innate sense. While she may use cards and different oracle, such as her personal charms, she channels information directly and purely using automatic writing.

"My readings are not to predict the future, they are to show you what's there in expanded view. My greatest work is to help people see things in a different way creating limitless possibility for themselves and their situation. My sessions are cathartic and often infused with healing modality from work with crystals, past life regression, hands on healing and intentional spell work."
A natural entertainer who's broad range of experience and travels appearing at high profiled events for such companies like Bloomingdales, Avon, and Samsung, providing uniquely themed readings and experiences to promote products and events such as New York City's Fashion Week.  To book Theresa for your next event please inquire here

Divine, Charmed, Fabulous

I was given this amazing gift in a pure, uncontrived way. I did not “try” to channel spirit, nor ever attended classes to learn to, they waited for me to be ready and then, well, if you have ever seen the movie “Ghost” that is the best way to describe what happened. I did not believe what I was hearing was from the spirit of a departed soul, but that it was completely in my head. The details that were given to me by the spirit of a beautiful woman whom had messages for her grieving family was absolutely overwhelming to me. I had to find the courage to walk up to an otherwise stranger and lead into a very personal conversation about her mother’s passing just a few weeks before.  She literally said I will sing until you get up from this chair, just like in the movie. I heard the “I am Henry the Eighth I am”. Hilarious as it sounds, I was battling myself, or spirit with reason and sanity. Since then, spirits come and go as they please, often popping up in a reading with very random thoughts as ways to connect me to the client that I am reading for. I am humbled by it each and every time I experience it. I often hear them and laugh because they know I am a lover of music and they always play songs for me to link the information.


I am an information intuit in the business of human experience, As an Anamorphic Catalyst.   
this allows me to introduce new perspective as I help you choose a new lense in which to view your life. 



Join Therèsa as she invites you to explore life through her experiential, highly personal gallery gatherings of connection and shared evidential mediumship.​

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How Do I Get a Reading or Service?

You can experience my readings and services in several ways.  
In person, privately or at an event, at one of my locations or you host, as well as via phone.

Is in Person Better?

I have many clients that I do phone readings for as well as apprentice over the phone.  I have often given blind readings right over my Facebook Page live.  For me personally, there is no difference in the effectiveness of the reading.

What Can I Expect During a Reading?

I have created my own tools and methodology to discern messages and guidance.   Though I do read tarot and divinate using various oracle tools, I am not a traditional tarot card reader that follows the customary Celtic Cross spread which many are accustomed to and seek out.  I have my own unique methodologies and every experience is as different as you are..  Clues and evidence are revealed through my automatic writing.  Letters, symbols, positioning and patterns lead to deeper meaning.  These tools act as guides and trigger additional insight, however, often, information is just clearly channeled. My readings have been known to shine clarity and insight into relationships, career, business and health.  I especially intuit life guidance on blocks and crossroads the querent may be experiencing.  Further, I connect with loved ones and bring channeled messages for additional clarity and confirmation.

What if I’m Apprehensive?

My client’s level of comfort during their experience with me is my only concern.  I am often asked if I see “bad things” and some have even at times been fearful of what to expect as a first time experience.  My readings are thoughtful, insightful and I’ve found that the things that are brought up during our session, you are ready to hear and explore.  While I am known to be a catalyst for change, bringing movement and clarity, I am never forceful, intimidating, or push.  I am happy to answer or focus on any particular concerns and questions and share what I receive.  You are the creator of your own destiny and choose YOU choose your path.

Understanding Your Reading

Information that comes forth is interpreted by me to the best of my ability. That said, sometimes it is indeed a puzzle!  Syllables, initials, symbols may not make sense at first, but they make me work hard to decipher what I hear and sense.  I will never settle and “make it fit”.  If the information does not resonate, then it will always be revealed later in the reading or even well after. 

As an Empath, one of my greatest ability is to understand and empathize not only with the client, but importantly, share key insight with them into the subject of their inquiries’ position and feelings on the issue.  I am known to be spot on with discerning personalities, traits and therefore give insight into another’s feelings such as issues with relations.  .


My Personal Ethics

The key to unlocking your life starts with you. I am here as a conduit in which energy and information passes through me, not from me. I am truly humbled by the gifts I experience all the time. I am here to serve and answer a greater calling. I never set out or planned to do this work, it came for me.  I do not claim to have any “special powers” to diagnosis, heal, or answer the great wonders of the world, however, when healing and re-connection occurs, I am always amazed and grateful to have been witness to it.  What I can share with you is insight into what may be a block for you. I will challenge your thinking and through various tools and methods, gain insight into helping you make further inquiries to enact changes within your life. I firmly believe in helping others for the greater good of all I do not do this for personal gain to achieve wealth by gimmick or fraud. I will not compromise morals or integrity nor extort fees by creating a dependency using unscrupulous practices. I will only recommend and network with reliable, ethical businesses and practitioners with whom I have personally worked with, and respect.  I am an ordained minister and .I have been a legal LLC for nearly 20 years recognized and insured as such. 


'Theresa was incredible! She wandered the party offering readings, and left people open-mouthed with the accuracy - she was the hit of the party, as well as being a genuinely lovely woman. Days later we are all still talking about how incredible she was. I booked her thinking it would be fun, having no idea how truly gifted she is. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Ten stars! '-Jane G, Westport, CT



Always Spot On and Filled with Grounded Advice

“Beautiful Theresa is an extraordinary intuitive and coach. She’s incredibly grounded and earthy which makes her irresistibly warm, approachable and connectable….and her exceptionable ability to hone in on the crux of the issue, the core of the problem, the root of the situation is incredible. With wisdom and humor, she offers her intuitive, psychic feedback which is always spot on and filled with grounded advice and support. She is a pleasure to be around, her beauty and her energy is healing and inspiring and I cant recommend her enough for all intuitive guidance and coaching needs…she is a charmed treasure indeed xxx.”

-JJ, NY – May 2013