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Theresa travels all over the world meeting and connecting with clients for sessions.  You can find her in Florida, her primary residence, though she is often back in NY tristate area.

Since a small child, Therèsa Fernand always knew she had abilities to see and feel people, experiencing life a little differently from how others seemed to.  An evidential Psychic Medium and claircognizant channel, she is known for her magical "charms".  She brings with her years of experience working as an empathic intuitive, coaching people and their businesses. An Anamorphic Catalyst, she works with you, expanding your view on a given life situation. Her readings are thought-provoking as they are accompanied by specific evidential reference. A gifted since birth channel and medium, she relays information through laughter and love as it flows through each of her senses. She sees, hears, feels, tastes, smells and knows things about you, your closest, and departed loved ones. Each clients's experience is unique as she has different methodology and modalities that emerge as a result of years of experiences, together with innate sense. While she may use cards and different oracle, such as her personal charms, she channels information directly and purely using automatic writing.

"My readings are not to predict the future, they are to show you what's there in expanded view. My greatest work is to help people see things in a different way creating limitless possibility for themselves and their situation. My sessions are cathartic and often infused with healing modality from work with crystals, past life regression, hands on healing and intentional spell work."
A natural entertainer who's broad range of experience and travels appearing at high profiled events for such companies like Bloomingdales, Avon, and Samsung, providing uniquely themed readings and experiences to promote products and events such as New York City's Fashion Week.  To book Theresa for your next event please inquire here

Divine, Charmed, Fabulous

I was given this amazing gift in a pure, uncontrived way. I did not “try” to channel spirit, nor ever attended classes to learn to, they waited for me to be ready and then, well, if you have ever seen the movie “Ghost” that is the best way to describe what happened. I did not believe what I was hearing was from the spirit of a departed soul, but that it was completely in my head. The details that were given to me by the spirit of a beautiful woman whom had messages for her grieving family was absolutely overwhelming to me. I had to find the courage to walk up to an otherwise stranger and lead into a very personal conversation about her mother’s passing just a few weeks before.  She literally said I will sing until you get up from this chair, just like in the movie. I heard the “I am Henry the Eighth I am”. Hilarious as it sounds, I was battling myself, or spirit with reason and sanity. Since then, spirits come and go as they please, often popping up in a reading with very random thoughts as ways to connect me to the client that I am reading for. I am humbled by it each and every time I experience it. I often hear them and laugh because they know I am a lover of music and they always play songs for me to link the information.


I am an information intuit in the business of human experience, As an Anamorphic Catalyst.   
this allows me to introduce new perspective as I help you choose a new lense in which to view your life. 



Join Therèsa as she invites you to explore life through her experiential, highly personal gallery gatherings of connection and shared evidential mediumship.​

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