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Born with an innate knowing I was psychic, what makes me unique is the ability to show others their lives through another lens, or view.  As an anamorphic guide, my ability to swiftly discern the truth, getting to the heart of what my clients may be struggling with, is what I am best known for and how I’ve come to be called a leader and catalyst for change throughout my career."

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Self-exploration through the senses!

I offer connection through a variety of opportunities. One on one to group experiences 

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Clients say

  "Life alternating.  I've been stuck so long it's all I knew.  I have a new go-to."  

Clients say

"You are phenomenal at what you do.  Your gift was a blessing to me."  

Clients say

   "I don't even know how to describe you.  You are not like any other psychic or medium, and  I've been to a lot."  

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