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INTIMACY PROJECT by Therèsa Fernand

Emergence into self expressed freedom.

Are you ready to explore?

In life, we are often haunted by the shades of our personality, conflicted, staying within the safety of conformity versus. braving the deeper, darker unknown. Dare we visit the depths of our being? As we call on our soul’s experience, we engage with the darker more daring shades that exhilarate life. 


Join me as we mine the sensualist through the art of human experience.

  • Artistry, self-exploration through the senses.

  • Discover the sensualist within.

  • Navigate your inner being.

  • Experience fabulous.

How much is this going to cost?

  • I don’t have that kind of money.

  • I don’t have that kind of time.

  • I will wait till I get out of this relationship.

  • I will wait the timing is not right, my family needs me.


Funny, yet you are here, reading this, now.  The years wasted in the struggle of wanting to be understood, validated and happy, you come across this.  Synchronicity? Divine timing?  Maybe, just maybe, your being already knows exactly what you need, what you have been asking for, and your wanting of it, landed you here.

The most erotic instrument is the mind.


Whether you are at the crossroads and need support while pondering choices and options for your future, or you just want to be heard, realign and recalibrate to your own knowing, I provide not only a sounding board for your own voice of reason to get you through, but help you discover new possibilities and options you had not even considered. 

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