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People bring the nanny for the children, whoever thought of bringing the catalyst for change?


Perhaps their spiritual guru as a companion? Whether accompanying you on a spiritual retreat, or incorporating my services into a wellness weekend, I am here to help facilitate your growth and expansive well- being.  Considering a RESTORATIVE WEEKEND GETAWAY?  Perhaps you are thinking of a deep dive quest and you would rather not navigate through the added stresses or cannot quite make it to the big spiritual destinations like Sedona, Hawaii or Costa Rica.



We have some of the best spas, beautiful sanctuaries and beaches Intensive to work through.



First step, book your consultation. 


20 Minute Discuss and Plan

$25 to Set up appointment time is required.

(This will be applied directly to your booking deposit)





Retreat weekends include extensive one-one sessions with a focused theme on healing, restorative, breakthrough, clarity and personal exploration.   

Plenty of rest and reflective time to recenter.  This includes accommodation in private home with essentials and some meals provided.


A myriad of Spa services that range from traditional massage & facials, to holistic healing experiential treatments like Ayurveda SHIRODHARA: Relaxing/Healing Scalp/Mind Oil Therapy SHIROABHYANGA: Ayurvedic Scalp Oil Massage can be scheduled.  Every itinerary will be created for the individual with you choosing from suggested offerings.

Retreats start at $2,500 for 3 nights 

Every event is an adventure