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Seven-night luxury accommodations in your own private hut over the Caribbean water. Immersive experience providing insight, tools and experiences equipping you with a new story, and a renewed sense of purpose to live fully self-expressed in an expansive thought-provoking manner. 

This powerful experience, a true journey of self-exploration, self-expression and healing, assists to realign your life in the direction you want.  I will demonstrate how to live in an expanded knowing, taking away a new appreciation for all YOU are, living fully as limitless, timeless beings in this human experience.  

Because you are my tribe, I am offering YOU the chance to rewrite your story.  Not one more minute of one more day, do I choose to suffer in this way. Let your exploration start now. 

This trip is offered and booked in two independent parts.  To find out more, click on the links below


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Every event is an Adventure!

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