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Astrologico Carnevale di Venezia




Dare to Do Different.

Highly Experiential.

Engagement of the Senses.

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What We Do

Allow your guests to be transported back in time to Venice, Italy at this interactive, historically driven production of the world famous Venetian masked ball. Therèsa carefully selects the perfect venue that provides the level of energy needed to engage each guest throughout the night. For example, the choice of a historical manor was the perfect setting for Astrologico Carnevale di Venezia “ the most recent production in Westchester, New York.  The manor immediately captivated each guest from the moment they arrived on the property, setting the mood and tone for the evening. Throughout the event the goal is providing Your guests full engagement of the senses. We do this through food, taking old world Venetian tradition fusing contemporary Italian tastes. Each event is rich with history through visual art, performance, and of course, music.

How We Do It

An example night could offer guests the chance to indulge in a feast that features authentic old world Italian favorites like baccalá, homemade pastas, carved meats, homemade sausage, and so much more. Of course, no Italian Carnevale would be complete without the anticipated staple of fried dough with powdered sugar, crostoli, and gelato. Dressed to impress complete with masks provides the unique opportunity for a fully immersed experience. They are not simply attending an event, they are in fact a part of it. Magical moments throughout the evening are provided through variety acts and performers such as, “Niccolò Paganini,” strolling violinist, Nadia the gypsy, and charcoal drawings by “Leonardo Da Vinci.” All have the opportunity to engage, learn, and experience another place and time.

Why We Do It

Eventures Divine was launched as a platform to create highly experiential events that transport you to another place in time.  Each event is not just a party, but an experience filled with passion and enthusiasm that creates an unforgettable experience. Those who participate in these events are not only encouraged to look through a new lens expanding their viewpoint, but are sure to become fully immersed within their surroundings.  The goal is to provide each guest the opportunity to fully engage in all the senses, where they will hear, taste, smell, and see each aspect of the event, sure to deliver an experience like no other.

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Eventures Divine

Eventures Divine

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