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Conceptualizing Unique Experiences

for all Types of Events

Corporations and entrepreneurs alike, constantly seek out new strategy to solicit customer engagement, studying trends, market research and buying habits.  What I have found, in every business, no matter what the product or who the target audience, people are happier when they are engaged in an experience.  



Branding & Marketing Your Event Message 

Your Brand in Every Detail.

Consider leaving the last note a sweet one.   Your clients EXPERIENCING the Brand through the sights, sounds and tastes.  This is what sets EVENTURES DIVINE apart from the rest.    

​We brand YOU, into every detail of the event.

Limitless possibilities to showcase your message.  Living breathing branding makes for interactive opportunity for your clients to engage.  ARTISTRY THROUGH THE SENSES!

Signature Premiums & Incentives

From customized clothing to gifts and giveaways, we think of everything.  Tradeshow, Expos, Sales Conventions, Eventures Divine CREATES EXPERIENCES turning leads into business.  

Let Us Entertain You

​Our tap dancer stole the show at an annual Ladies Night out event to promote an upcoming event.  Grab attention at your tradeshow, expo or meeting or conference, we work with a myriad of talent.

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What Does it Mean to Create an Experience?

A Night In New Orleans_04
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  • We offer our guests a passport, not just an invitation.  A great event transports guests to another place and time. 


  • We encourage guests to enter into the spirit of the event through costumes or accessories. 


  • We give each guest something special to enjoy.  At Eventures Divine, we realize that guests are drawn to an array of aspects within an event atmosphere.  We include every sense, catering to the sights, sounds, tastes and mood from the music to the participation in interactive elements of such things as body paint, readings by a mystic or standing on the bridge of Venice, all while enjoying a great meal influenced by a particular time and period.


  • A deliberate intention of preparing the tone for the event is carefully planned and a production is set in motion.  The mind, body and soul become a part of every Eventure.  

“After working in Corporate America for 20 plus years, I have discovered my true passion for creating new and different events for people to experience. I was always told that I was an outside of the box thinker as well as a catalyst of change. My ability to not dwell on problems and to constantly be a solution finder led me to a 10-year career as a corporate concierge working for private firms and high end clientele. Being highly intuitive, I was able to guide and help people develop their businesses. I have taken all of these previous experiences and focused it into Eventures Divine. Individuals and businesses that are looking to stand out can be assured that their next Eventure will translate into something magical and unforgettable with my help.” 

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